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Do you ever . . . .

  • find yourself frustrated trying to come up with card designs?
  • spend too much time on the internet sifting through hundreds of pictures looking for just the right one?
  • experience creative slumps when you finally sit down to make a card?
  • want to know that you always have – or can easily create – just the perfect card for the necessary occasion?
  • simply just want to escape into the joy of cardmaking?


Now picture your cardmaking always being

• Easy
• Fun
• Productive
• Your creative escape just for you!

Watch this video to learn how!
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Lots of things in life are a hassle. Card making will no longer be one of those things when you subscribe to Stamping Smiles Hassle Free Cards! Here’s what some happy subscriber have to say:

I love them because the measurements are all right there, every single one. The designs and cards are easy to make.

You can use the ideas to make different cards. They’re always gorgeous. It always make me want order the stamp set because I love the card! Even so, Shelly has never
I LOVE Hassle Free Cards!


Shelly’s ideas are always fresh and she’s right, they ARE “fast and fabulous”. I never have to dig for ideas and when I need a card right away I know I will be able to use one of the Hassle Free cards. It’s the best five bucks I spend every month! – Bea from RI


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