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You can order the Stamping Smiles 2018-2020 In Color Combinations e-book at the one-time price of only $7.50!


That’s 50% off the regular price of $14.95 for 50 (fifty!) 2018-2020 In Color Combinations created by Shelly!  But this special price will go away when you close the page.


The 2018-200 In Color Combinations e-book is the fourth edition of my 50 custom color combinations for Stampin’ Up! In Colors. Here’s why. Stampin’ Up! used to have a color tool named the Color Coach that gave us two 3-color combinations for each color. My stampers and I loved and depended on it. Then, Stampin’ Up! discontinued the Color Coach.


2018-2020 In Colors



So what I did was create my own three-color combinations. But, I didn’t stop at only 2 color combinations for each of the 2018-2020 In Colors because two were never enough. Instead, I created 10 eye-pleasing color combinations for each of the five 2018-2020 In Colors for a total of 50 custom color combinations!


2018-2020 In Color Combinations e-bookThen put them all together in an e-book that includes:
  • Color photos of the 10 sheets of the 2018-2020 In Color Combinations you can download and print!
  • All 10 Color Combination Sheets read to download, print and fill!
  • Directions on how to download and print
    the Color Combination Sheets!
Discover new ways to use your 2018-2020 In Colors!




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