Bday Party Rub-Ons Cards VIDEO Only Class: Birthday Bash


Do you like to give hand

made birthday cards?

 But love great looking cards

that are quick to make?


Would you like birthday cards that are

not either masculine or feminine?



If yes, you will most definitely want to take the

 Stamping Smiles Birthday Bash VIDEO


(View Instructions Demonstrated Exclusively Online)




With the Stamping Smiles Birthday Bash VIDEO Class you get


  1. Exclusive video access to the demonstrations of each of the eight (8) birthday cards.  Every step of the making of the cards are shown!  No step is prepared ahead of time; the cards are demonstrated in real time.


With the Stamping Smiles Birthday Bash

VIDEO Only Class, you stamp when you

are ready! 


Stamp on your schedule, not mine!


Here are the top three reasons you will love the Stampin’ Smiles Birthday Bash VIDEO Class!


No directions to read!
I have heard it said over and over, “If you show me, I can do it.”  I show you every step!

It is better than having me demonstrate in person!
You can watch the videos over and over, pause, rewind and stop when it suits you!

Access the exclusive video demonstrations over and over!
Mailed your card?  No problem.  Watch the video and let me demonstrate it again for you!


Order the Stamping Smiles Birthday Bash

VIDEO ONLY Class for $9.95.




No class materials included.  Video instructions only.


VIDEO ONLY classes can be purchased outside the U.S.



The videos are stored on a password protected website.  After your order is placed for the Stamping Smiles Birthday Bash VIDEO Only Class, you will be provided with the link to the website.  Your purchase of the VIDEO class is for you only, you are not permitted to share the login and/or password with anyone else.